Safety first

Nothing is more important than keeping your data safe and secure - both from loss and  unauthorized access. Homer uses multiple levels of encryption, data management strategies and back-ups to ensure that you - and only you - can safely access your information.

Homer will NEVER share any personal data with anyone, unless you explicitly ask us to.

State-of-the-art safety features


All information is password protected. Use a strong, unique password not used anywhere else. Homer does not save any passwords in clear text - we can only reset lost passwords, not retrieve them. Premium users can add AppLock on their device for an additional layer of security.


All communication between you and Homer is encrypted. Your account information, passwords and access tokens are also encrypted - rendering any information useless without your password. We regularly renew tokens, secrets and our own routines for maximum security.

Back-ups x 3

We have hourly backups of all data. We back-up the back-ups as well, every day. And as an extra precaution, we have an additional back-up in a secondary location to ensure that we always have at least 2 separate back-ups readily available This makes Homer robust, safe and secure.