Homeowners all over the world use Homer

Homer is on a mission to make you a better homeowner! We are a bootstrapped company founded and operated in Sweden by Wilhelm Lundborg and Henrik von Stockenström, both passionate and experienced homeowners (with the scars to prove it!)

Like any other industry, homeownership is being digitised. Your bank, your car, your access to healthcare, and even your plants all have their own apps. Your biggest personal financial investment - your home as a whole - will obviously have one as well. Gone are the days of the physical shoebox, home binder or stacks of paper in a kitchen drawer.

Information has value - monetary, practical or personal value. Combine different information types into insights that are relevant specifically to you and your home, and unlock even more value. Homeownership is a long term use case, and our users stay with us for years!

In the animations below you can see the distribution of homes created in Homer. If you are interested in knowing more, drop a line on info [a] homer.co