A computer on a desk showing the Homer B2B control panel with WYSIWYG editor

Deliver delight to your buyers

Purchasing a home - either new or pre-owned - is a an amazing experience for the buyer. Delight your customer by delivering all required and helpful documentation about the property in a smart, adaptable and valuable digital package.

Example Homer implementations for different types of businesses like realtors, property developers and landlords.


You've already done the work collecting all valuable information about the property. Delight the buyer by delivering it all nicely packaged in the Homer app!

Landlords / Rental managers

Keep tabs of your rental properties: inventory, serial numbers, warranties and more. Equip the tenant with a handbook to go with the home.

Property Developers / House builders

You already have the most and the best information about the project. Give it - nicely packaged - to your customer, let them benefit from it for years to come.

Connect your CRM

Let us know what CRM system you use - chances are we can easily hook up and populate homes with a push of a button.

Simple web interface

Use a simple, "what you see is what you get" interface with drag 'n drop upload. Create and share a home in a minute!


Not sure what solution is best for you, just curious or have any other question? Get in touch, we are here to help.


Is your company already at the forefront of digitisation? Great, lets do wonders together, there is no end to the possibilities!

Use any of these today? Time to get in touch!

USB Drives

You are not "digital" if you give your users a USB drive!
Can it be updated? Is it backed up? Is it always available wherever you are? Does a USB stick work in a smart phone or tablet?

Paper Binders

Static information that is outdated before it is even put on the shelf. The binder takes time to manually put together an is practically dead on arrival.


Sending information piecemeal, drip by drip via email creates a world of pain down the road.
This your opportunity to turn a bad experience into a great one!


Not having a strategy is also a strategy, namely a strategy for disaster. You lose oversight and most likely causing more problems than you are solving.