A cracked wall and windows in disrepair

Ten tell-tale signs the house you are looking to buy is a moneypit

As a home buyer, it's important to be on the lookout for signs that a home has not been properly maintained. These issues can be costly to fix and can indicate bigger problems down the line. Here are ten telltale signs that a home is not properly maintained:

Before we start, it is worth noting that no house is perfect. It is when multiple issues can be found on the same house that you can be quites ure that this is a pattern, not an exception. Look out for some of the following things:

  1. Peeling paint: Peeling paint can be a sign of moisture damage or other issues with the home's exterior. If left unrepaired, this can lead to bigger issues like rot or structural damage.
  2. Water damage: Water damage can be a sign of leaks, faulty plumbing, or other issues. If not properly repaired, water damage can lead to mold, which can be dangerous to your health and costly to remove.
  3. Rusty pipes: Rusty pipes can indicate a lack of maintenance and can lead to leaks and other plumbing issues.
  4. Sagging roof: A sagging roof can be a sign of structural damage or a failing roof. This can be costly to repair and can lead to further damage to the home if not addressed.
  5. Clogged gutters: Clogged gutters can lead to water damage and can also be a sign of neglect.
  6. Overgrown yard: An overgrown yard can be a sign of neglect and can also indicate problems with the home's irrigation system.
  7. Missing or broken shingles: Missing or broken shingles can indicate a lack of maintenance and can lead to water damage and other issues.
  8. Old appliances: Old appliances can be a sign of a lack of updates and can also be costly to repair or replace.
  9. No maintenance records: If the seller doesn't have any records of maintenance or repairs, it could be a sign that the home has not been properly cared for.
  10. Odors: Odors, especially musty or moldy odors, can be a sign of moisture damage or other issues with the home.

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