A house floor plan generated by Homer
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Floorplans - the map of your home

A floorplan is a flat, two-dimensional representation of the layout of a property. A floorplan shows the different rooms and spaces of each respective floor, separated by walls, doors, windows and other structures.

The level of detail in a floorplan can vary - information like measurements, area and fixed furniture are sometimes excluded to simplify the floorplan.

A floorplan is a diagram that shows the layout of a building or structure from above. It typically includes the locations of walls, windows, doors, and other features such as staircases, bathrooms, and kitchens. Floorplans can be used for a variety of purposes, including planning renovations, visualizing the layout of a space, and helping with the design and construction of a building. Real estate agents may also use floorplans to help potential buyers get a better sense of the layout and flow of a property. Additionally, floorplans can be useful for insurance purposes, as they can provide a clear and detailed record of the layout and features of a building.

Often, there is a floorplan that was used as a reference when the home was built. However, floorplans are often lost or become hopelessly outdated after remodelling, rebuilds or additions being made over the years.

In Homer, you can generate your own floorplan of how your home looks like. It is as easy as walking through your home and filming every room and space. No need for messy measuring tape, expensive laser measures or any other equipment.